The road, the ride and the rain

One thing is certain about cycling in the UK, at some point (or most of the time) you will end up riding in the rain. Sometimes you get caught out, but most of the time you just go out in the rain because otherwise you just wouldn’t get out! Today’s ride was one of the latter.


In the same way that its often said that Eskimos have an abundance of words for snow, the same can probably be said about the British description of rain. So I can tell you that it was spitting as we met, this then developed into a prominent mizzle, before intensifying and becoming a drizzle, until further intensification turned it into a deluge and the eventual development of a downpour.

You would have thought that our damp home training ground would make British cyclists the best in the world when it comes to riding in the rain, compared to our continental counterparts training in nothing but the Mediterranean sun! But images of Bradley Wiggins suffering in this years Giro show that it can get the better of even the best out there!

Our route took us out towards the Durham Dales, with chattering teeth and hairy descents included in generous proportions. A quick tea stop at a friends to warm up, then the final push back into town as the drains reached their limits and spilled into the road.

Finally, remember that if in doubt refer to rule #9.


6 thoughts on “The road, the ride and the rain

  1. Thank you for checking out my blog. If you go back a few posts, I wrote one on my experience of riding in Ireland and Holland and England. I like your post and blog very much.

  2. Great write up. I used to ride a lot, one time we did the STP (Seattle to Portland) which is 200 miles. Seattle is known for rain, no exception: temps in the 50s and continual drizzle (mizzle? Piddle?) meant for a LONG 200 miles! Good luck on your rain gear!

    1. Hey John, the Pacific NW is an area I’d love to go and climb and ride in, and as you said it rains a lot there, but at least Ill feel at home with that! I’m guessing Seattle to Portland is quite a popular route?


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