Going Fixie

Two rear derailleurs have been sent through the rear wheel on this bike. The second took with it the threads on the inside of the dropout, rendering it unable to support a rear derailleur anymore. The solution: go fixie.

The hub I have invested in a ‘flip-flop hub’ so the option is there to bail out onto a singlespeed freewheel if I decide that the hills of Durham are too much for a fixie.

Unusually for a job of this kind the conversion went without major problems, even getting chain tension with semi-vertical dropouts worked out ok! The only hassle was that the new rims are thicker and the presta valve was barely long enough! I’ve opted for a 17t rear sproket but this can always be changed.

Chainline on fixed/singlespeed bikes is I’m told crucial. If its wrong the chain will endlessly come off and in the worst case (brakeless fixie) the chain will prematurely brake and you will loose any ability to stop the bike! For this reason I have (for now) kept the albeit crap brakes on it.


Fixie conversion complete (I think).

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